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Our list of “targeted jobs” is developed using current Southeast Minnesota labor market information. This list includes high growth, high demand jobs that pay a median wage of at least $11 per hour, or have the career advancement potential to make such wages.

Click Here for A summary list of the Targeted Jobs – 02/2017
Click Here for A Detailed list of the Targeted Jobs – 05/2017

If you do not find the Career you are looking for on this list, you may go to CAREERwise to explore additional Careers

Click Here to go to the CAREERwise Education Website

+ Jobs that may be “soft” for the next two years, but expected to rebound

Education Level:

  1. Reliable, Greater than 5th grade literacy
  2. High School credentials often required
  3. High School diploma or GED, some post secondary training
  4. Experience plus training (degree often required)
  5. Bachelor’s Degree or more
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