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Workforce Development, Inc. - The power of work
Workforce Development, Inc. - The power of work
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To develop and advance the workforce of southeastern Minnesota, in order to promote economic prosperity in the region.


Any area business in need of quality labor will be able to locate it or develop it, and anyone in need of a good job will have abundant opportunities.

Workforce Development Board Role

The Workforce Dvelopment Board will develop and advance the workforce of Southeast Minnesota, by acting as:

  1. The Champion for workforce development customers, achievements and issues;
  2. The Convening Agent to bring workforce partners together to resolve workforce issues;
  3. The Change Agent to promote innovative and creative workforce system solutions;
  4. The Accountability Agent to measure and manage the area’s workforce development system.

Strategic Goals

  1. To build a pipeline of higher skilled workers to meet business demand and maximize the skill levels and confidence of our youth.
  2. To align business, workforce, education, human service and economic development policies and programs to grow and sustain a healthy local economy.
  3. To build the capacity of the workforce development system to respond to local needs, even in the face of shrinking resources.
  4. To connect jobseekers to living wage jobs.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Close the skills gap and assist in the development, retention and growth of area businesses, by ensuring new entrants to the labor market have the skills necessary to succeed in targeted growth occupations and keep a living wage job.
  2. Help increase the productivity of area business and the advancement of incumbent workers by promoting employee retention programs, on-the-job training, lifelong learning, and industry-recognized credential attainment.
  3. Advocate for increased access to the job market for those populations that face significant barriers or challenges.
  4. Promote a community awareness of area occupations in demand and the associated skill sets required, as well as an appreciation for the workforce development system itself.
  5. Work toward increasing the productivity and efficiency of workforce development services provided within the Workforce Centers, by building and expanding effective partnerships, ensuring all staff are well-trained, and by making the best use of new technology.
  6. Provide value-added tools and activities for jobseekers to more efficiently connect with employers who are looking to hire.

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