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Dislocated worker programs for employers

It’s not easy making workforce reductions. However, there are resources you can provide to downsized employees that can increase hope and decrease stress. Workforce Development, Inc., through the Minnesota Dislocated Worker Program, offers free services to businesses facing cutbacks and layoffs with the ultimate goal of helping dislocated individuals find suitable employment.

Individuals may be eligible for this program if they are released from your employ through no fault of their own, eligible for Unemployment Insurance and unlikely to return to your company or industry. All services are offered FREE of charge and are tailored for the specific needs and goals of each individual.

Workforce Development, Inc. can work with your company prior to any cutbacks or reductions to lessen the negative impact on those employees being let go and those who must deliver the cutback message. The earlier you bring in WDI resources, the better the outcome.

WDI will work with your employees to develop an Individual Services Plan, which may include the following:

Training needs and skills assessment

Assessment of the dislocated worker’s work history and abilities will be completed through a series of aptitude and interest inventories. These professional tools are used in combination with individualized consultation as we help them in selecting a career path or continuing education.

Basic skills updating

We provide assistance for individuals who need to improve reading, writing, math and basic computer skills.

Classroom training assistance

Classroom training is available to individuals who need to enhance their technical skills required in the workplace. Workforce Development, Inc. pre-approves and coordinates the training between the participant and education provider and offers financial assistance. Classroom tutoring and counseling are available.

Support services

Workforce Development, Inc. staff assists individuals in overcoming personal or environmental barriers that may restrict their employment opportunities. This help may be in the form of transportation, child care or work-required uniforms.

On-the-job training

On-The-Job Training (OJT) is an effective way for participants to acquire new work skills while receiving a wage. Workforce Development, Inc. shares the cost of OJT by reimbursing the business up to half of the starting wage during the training period.

Employment services

We help sharpen skills in completing applications, writing a resume and interviewing.

Job search assistance

Job Search Workshops provide workers with the tools needed to make a successful transition back to work. The workshops will cover: writing a resume, recognizing individual skills, interviewing for a job, finding jobs in demand and coping with unemployment. Resource areas, found in all of our locations, provide published job seeking information and access to computers to assist with job seeking activities.

Job identification and placement

With their extensive knowledge of local businesses, our staff will make every effort to assist in finding employment that meets the individual’s needs, skills and potential.

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